sarahxmichael (sarahxmichael) wrote in sera_myu,

Selling some Hironari Amano, Kenji Urai, and Miyuki Kanbe items.

Hironari Amano Gift Photobook- $30 slight wear to the obi. Full color pictures of Hironari Amano (He played Tuxedo Mask in the Kaguya Shima Densetsu and  Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban SeraMyu musicals)

Hironari Amano Kibogaoka DVD and CD Set. Also comes with a booklet and two postcards. One has him with a dog and the other is a letter from him.  DVD is Region 2. $20

Hironari Amano Departure CD and Photobook set (comes with obi and lyric card) $15

Hironari Amano A Day in the Life CD. This is the calendar edition so the lyric book has the lyrics and a calendar from either 2005 or 2006 I can't remember. $10

Hironari Amano ANOTHER CD/DVD/Photobook set $25

Hero 730 CD with first press sticker (Kenji Urai who played Tuxedo Mask in both Black Lady musicals, the 10th Anniversary festival, and the first Mugen Gakuen musical is in this band.) $10

It's probably a long shot, but I'd really be interested in trading these Myu items for Myu items that I need or for just about any item on my wishlist. See my wishlist

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