Mori Shimonu (flower_ballet) wrote in sera_myu,
Mori Shimonu

Nishina Yuri

I recently received my Takarazuka Snow Troupe Rose of Versailles 1989 DVD. In one of the main roles, as Marie Antoinette, was none other than Nishina Yuri who played the original Queen Beryl under Anza's and Fumina's Moon.

Just so we can recall exactly how she looked as Beryl!

And how she looked in 1989 as Marie Antoinette.

First, a b/w still close-up. She looks so much older as Marie Antoinette than as Beryl!

And a colour scan with Fersen. ♥ Here she is very pretty, isn't she?

Oh, the little coincidences that make Japanese theatre so fun. XD

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