Shinji - Caps Lock for Billy Mays

DVD Jacket Scans/Translations

I'm looking for high-quality scans of the DVD jackets. I already have them all for 1st stage, and I will have Ai no Sanctuary once my DVD arrives, so I'm specifically looking for any of the others.

Does anyone have these, or would be willing to scan theirs for me?

My reason for wanting them is so that I can make pretty cases for my fansubbed DVDs, so I can display them on the shelf with my official DVDs. :D

I'll be editing the title and cast into English (for the most part), since my Japanese isn't good enough to translate the rest. If anyone would like to help translate the rest, I'd much appreciate this.

Of course, I'll share them with anyone that would like them. :3

Nishina Yuri

I recently received my Takarazuka Snow Troupe Rose of Versailles 1989 DVD. In one of the main roles, as Marie Antoinette, was none other than Nishina Yuri who played the original Queen Beryl under Anza's and Fumina's Moon.

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Oh, the little coincidences that make Japanese theatre so fun. XD

myu lovin

What are your favs?

I'm holding a "poll" so to speak on my personal journal. Its for a project I'm working on. Just pick which version you like by commenting. For example:

"La Solder-Anza VS FFS" etc

Edit: Since the other method doesn't seem to work for others, I'll post the songs here under the cut.

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I'll tally up the votes a different way. ^^ Thanks for those that participate.
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Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban DVD


Due to money issues I'm selling my original Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban DVD. The DVD is region 2, in mint condition and complete with folder. I've only watched it a couple of times, so it's as good as new. I live in Denmark and will ship internationally. I only accept payment over PayPal.

Price: $50 (including PayPal fees). If you should buy this item new over YesAsia where I got it, you'd pay $55 without shipping, and you won't have to wait the two weeks or more that they make you wait while sourcing.

If you're interested, you can PM me at this account and tell me where you live and I can give you the full price with shipping, once we've figured out which shipping method you want.

Thank you!

- S.

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PGSM Venus - Cosplay

Free Sera Myu Costumes!

I'm giving away these 2 Sera Myu costumes for free, just pay shipping! If interested, please send PayPal payment to: rebeccalow7 AT gmail DOT com

Death Lamia (Sailor Moon Musicals) - FREE + $8.50 U.S. shipping
Includes dress.

White jumpsuit - FREE + $10 U.S. shipping
Used once to cosplay Yaten Kou from "Shin Densetsu Kourin Fan Kan Event" (Sailor Moon Musicals)

I've also got a few other costumes, cosplay accessories, and wigs here:

Thanks for looking!
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