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Welcome to sera_myu: LJ's first SeraMyu community!

We ask you to follow a few rules in this community, so please keep them in mind.

  • Don't be rude or mean, please. This isn't a community to start fights or to flame each other. Trolls will be banned.

  • This is a community about SeraMyu, so stay on topic please. On topic being SeraMyu-related things (doesn't have to be the musicals specifically, but it has to at least be related somehow). This includes talking about anime/manga/PGSM exclusively (if it relates to SeraMyu, though, it's allowed). There are other communities you can discuss those topics in. Please do not advertise merchandise for sale here that is not related to SeraMyu. There are other communities for that.

  • Please LJ-cut the following: large images, many images in one post, and very long posts. Don't know how to make LJ-cuts? Click here to learn!

That's about it. These rules may be changed or added upon if the need arises. If that happens we'll let you know by posting in the community.

New members, feel free to introduce yourself and/or answer the following survey (or as much of it as you can; it's okay to leave blanks)! :)

favorite cast member:
favorite moon:
favorite mercury:
favorite mars:
favorite jupiter:
favorite venus:
favorite uranus:
favorite neptune:
favorite pluto:
favorite saturn:
favorite chibi moon:
favorite tuxedo mask:
favorite villain(s):
favorite supporting cast member(s):

favorite album:
favorite song:
favorite anza stage song:
favorite fumina stage song:
favorite miyuki stage song:
favorite marina stage song:

favorite musical:
favorite anza stage musical:
favorite fumina stage musical:
favorite miyuki stage musical:
favorite marina stage musical: